10 Reasons Why You Need Lash Extensions

10 Reasons Why You Need Lash Extensions

Beautiful lashes talk, and so do the eyes. It is why women all over the world opt for lash extensions.

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The women, all over the world, fall for long, dark, and thick eyelashes. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with that. Check Instagram, and you will find images of celebs, models, and others having amazingly long, full, and fluttery eyelashes, even when they claim to be without makeup. But how it is possible? They are extending their eyelashes. Let’s discover the reasons for investing in lash extensions.

It is out and out different from false eyelashes that you can buy and apply at home. While these are attached to the eyelid on a single strip, lash extensions are done by fixing individual lashes to the lash line. It delivers a semi-permanent solution to enhance your natural lashes by making them full and thick and is the job of a professional lash stylist. These false lashes are made of mink, silk, synthetic, human hairs, etc., and they fall out with natural lashes. No matter what the false lashes are made of, they should, preferably, be attached with medical-grade glues.

  • Instantly enhances the look

  • Makes one more confident

  • Boosts up self-esteem

  • Saves Time

  • Saves money

  • Enjoy life to the fullest

  • Lasts for a long time

  • Can do without makeup

  • It is perfect for a wedding

  • Essential for dating

1. Instantly enhances the look

False eyelashes can instantly dramatize your eyes. A session with a professional lash stylist delivers voluminous lashes for a gorgeous look. It opens up the eyes and makes it look brighter, lively, and attractive. It means you can have a great everyday look to match your lifestyle easily. It also gives you a fresh look when you are running out of the house in the morning. It further eliminates the hassles of tugging with lash curlers and applying waterproof mascara. You are also free from damage to the eyelashes.

2. Makes one more confident

Other than doing without mascara, lash extensions also make one more confident. The long, thick, and voluminous lashes make your eyes look more lively and attractive. Since one does not need a hoard of makeup for going out, it helps to improve the confidence level for everything they do. It also brings in tons of personality changes as you look better, healthier, and happier making you fit for every activity and occasion.

3. Boosts up self-esteem

Of late we live in a society dominated by social media. It has transformed everyone into a visual individual. As you look and feel good every time and everywhere, you draw the right attractions. By extending your eyelashes you can elevate your look. This aesthetic tweak has many parks and is closely connected with self-esteem. As you start feeling good, it automatically boosts your self-esteem.

4. Saves Time

Lash extensions save time. When you wear fake eyelashes, you need to do it every morning. It means you have to wake up earlier for doing your makeup. You are relieved of this when you extend the eyelashes. It makes your eyes stand out without any makeup and you can save precious morning hours for other things. Even at night, you do not need to remove mascara and other makeup. It lets you have more spare time to relax.

5. Saves money

Although a majority of people are concerned about the cost of the installation of fake eyelashes, they ultimately help you save money in the long run. Lash extensions look extremely good as such and relieve you from raccoon eyes and spots. So, when you go for this, you do not need false eyelashes, mascaras, waterline eyeliners, removers, and other makeup accessories. You can save this amount to give you a treat.

6. Enjoy life to the fullest

The greatest advantage of lash extensions is that it lets you live your own life. You do not need to follow any restrictions, do whatever you like, and enjoy the life full to the brim. It has brought a great revolution in the beauty industry and is a game-changer for most women across the world. Wearing these, they become a confident soul with a high level of self-esteem. They have a life span like the natural lashes and are so comfortable that one forgets about them after a few days.

7. Lasts for a long time

While mascara and other makeup need to be applied and removed every day, lash extensions can give you peace of mind for a long time. Although their installation is pricey and takes some time, they shed with the natural hair-growth cycle. It means that with proper care, you can enjoy them for six to eight weeks. Refilling the missing eyelashes extends their life.

8. Can do without makeup

Lash extensions allow you to do many things without makeup. They enhance your look to a great extent. You can be in the gym or go out of the home without any further makeup. Sweating does not damage the extensions and you look great even after a hard workout session.

9. It is perfect for a wedding

Everyone wants to look the best during their wedding ceremony. It is, therefore, a must-to-do thing for your bridal makeup. Even if you are attending a wedding going for lash extensions is a perfect way to look like the queen bee among the guests. It guarantees maximum attention. People will aim to take your snaps from all corners and you will be there in maximum numbers of videos.

10. Essential for dating

Going on a date could be stressful for anyone. Is the attire ok? Do I Look attractive? All these questions disturb one for going to the first date and for every other. Your eyes are the focal point of your face and lash extensions make it quite impressive. It also pampers your overall beauty to win the date.

Things to consider

You must consider the shape & size of your eyes, the eyelid type, orientation and color of the eyes, quality of natural lashes, your preferences, sensitivities for selecting the procedure.

The takeaway

Lash extensions enhance the personality. It helps one to have the desired eyelashes. But it requires high maintenance and could be expensive. One should, always, consult a certified, licensed, and well-recommended technician for this.

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