3D Siberian Mink Strip Eyelash


Materials: 100% Siberian mink hair,from the tail of the Siberian sable.

3D Styles: Professional design,Hundreds of styles,Special and natural

Reusable: Up to 25 times with good care


Fluffy lashes with multi layers of hairs ,with strong band, easy to apply , Made by double bands to make your lashes stronger and durable.


ESSI LASH Siberian Mink eyelash is delicate handmade. Lash is waterproof with everlasting curve. For the material: we choose young minks 1.5-2 years old. Because fur in that age is more glossy and vitality, And all the fur material we use have taper on the tip to make the eyelash more natural.

Please note that we only use mink furs fall off naturally on minks, all of ESSI’s real mink fur strip eyelash are100% cruelty free.


ESSI’s unique 3D technology, 3D multi-layer eyelash, release the most charm of eyes. The mink fur is thick and slender, it can be trim into the style that you want.


ESSI’s professional curling ironing technology, makes eyelashes more suitable with the eye radian. There are a wide range of styles to choose from and make new products on a regular basis.


The medium volume and subtle length make them perfect to be worn on any occasion. We have professional after-sales team, strict quality inspection and credit assurance.


We wholesale premium 3D eyelashes worldwide.

ESSI LASH is best eyelash manufacturer with private label service.

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