Best 11 eyelash vendors and manufacturers USA

1.OBEYA beauty lashes is an eyelash vendors and manufacturers in USA

We are professional manufacturer and vendor of  different kinds of private label lashes in USA.Have eyelash factory offers custom label eyelash services. We have extensive experience in making eyelashes: eyelash extensions, russian lashes, mink eyelashes, 3D Lashes & Eyelashes Tools since 2002.

Featured Products:Eyelash Extensions,YY lash extensions,Classic Lash Extensions,Volume Lash Extensions,Real Mink Eyelash Extensions,Flat Eyelash Extensions,Camellia Eyelash Extensions.

2.Emeda eyelash an eyelash vendors and manufacturers for USA

Emeda lashes is an professional Eyelash Extension supplies, wholesale  mink eyelashes, China false eyelashes manufacturers

 wholesale lashes worldwide for USA.We produce such as individual eyelashes,3D lashes,human hair eyelashes etc.

3.Obeya lashes is an eyelash vendors and manufacturers for USA

We offer the highest quality Mink eyelashes in the industry, all of our eyelashes are with 100% mink fur, and 100% handmade to exact specifications. And we have years of experience of OEM/ODM to supply you with custom eyelash extensions, private label and private packaging for you from USA.

4.She eyelash is  an wholesale eyelash vendors and manufacturers for USA

This is a eyelash extensions vendor wholesaler from china, Meidear lashes brand.Wholesale high quality, low price eyelash extensions and mink lashes.Large stock with competitive price, ship out directly.

5.Elour Lashes is an eyelash vendors and manufacturers for USA

We are an eyelash factory,leading supplier and manufacture of mink eyelashes,eyelash extensions,false eyelashes products,etc.

6.Vendors eyelash is an eyelash vendors and manufacturers for USA

Private Label Lashes and Packaging Factory for USA 

We have a 3D Mink Lashes factory,wholesale Faux Mink lashes manufacurers,3D Silk lashes suppliers Together with us, Start own lashes business.

7.Meidear eyelash is an eyelash vendors and manufacturers for USA

We are a wholesale Mink eyelashes manufacturers , False eyelashes suppliers, have Eyelash extensions factory,supply lashes worldwide,profesional manufacturer and supplier of Mink eyelashes,  False eyelashes and Eyelash extensions .

8.Imi lashes is an eyelash vendors and manufacturers for USA

Wholesale Eyelash extensions vendors,mink lashes manufacturers and China false lashes suppliers professional eyelash extensions, volume lash extensions ,mink lashes manufacture and vendor in China.

9.Hlashes is a brand of EMEDA lashes Biggest eyelash manufacturer and wholesaler in China , is a whoelsale eyelash store on line for USA.Wholesale eyelash extensions,wholesale Volume Fans,wholesale Eyelash Tools,wholesale Strip Eyelashes for you.

10.Sky eyelash is an eyelash manufacturer and vendor for USA. 

Wholesale 25mm mink eyelash , faux mink lashes and eyelash extensions worldwide.We have eyelash factory,private label lashes and custom eyelash package box.

11.Eyelash factory cn is an wholesale eyelash vendor and manufacturer  for USA. 

Eyelash factory cn is the NO.1 eyelash extension and strip eyelash manufacturer in China. Since 1998, we started produce and develop all types of eyelash extensions, strip eyelash and all related products with clients private label.

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