Why Lash Extensions Are So Popular In Melbourne

Why Lash Extensions Are So Popular in Melbourne

These are basically silk extensions. The main purpose of eyelash extensions is to value your natural beauty. Our team comprises of extremely skilled and highly experienced specialists. These extensions give you confidence, fills your insecurities and provide you a glamorous look.

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The popularity of lash extensions Melbourne

These eyelash extensions are popular in Melbourne because decades ago when first falsies were introduced they did not last long. And they were very costly. People tend to apply mascara on their eyelashes which are not an effective way of getting eyelashes thick. Mascara can damage your eyelashes if we use it over and over again. So, the better way of having dense eyelashes is ‘eyelash extensions’. Due to its popularity a lot of beauty salons and nail bars also provide eyelash extension service.

Why should you get eyelash extensions?

  • These extensions give length and height to your lashes.

  • Eyelash extensions provide volume and make them dense to value your beauty.

  • They are not very costly as you don’t have to apply loads of mascara over them on a daily basis.

  • These extensions are much better than falsies.

  • Damage-free and safe to use.

  • Gives you a natural glow.

  • It is not a painful procedure.

  • These extensions give you any type of freedom. Either you want to swim or sleep there will be no effect on your eyelash extension.

  • You can easily remove this eyelash extension.

Measures taken to keep eyelash extensions stay longer

To prevent extensions from any damage, care must be required. Our natural eyelashes fall off automatically on daily basis. And the eyelash extensions that stuck with the glue will also fall off if proper maintenance is not given to them. Multiple extension loss has occurred due to natural extension loss. For this purpose, touch-ups are required every 2-4 weeks for proper maintenance.

Eyelash extensions

Lash Lifting

The main function of lash lifting is to lift your lashes and curls them to a maximum height that suits your face. These eyelashes usually last for 6-7 weeks and their set time is 45 minutes.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

These extensions are placed one by one over your original lashes to attain require thickness and fill the gaps. Their maintenance time is 3 weeks.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

As the name shows, these extensions give volume to your eyelashes. They are also called as 3D-6D eyelash extensions. These extensions give soft and dense finishing touch and their set time are also 3 weeks.

Our saloon will provide friendly environment and give the best Eyelash Extensions Melbourne. For someone that has thin, faint and sparse eyelashes they must use eyelash extensions. Professional services will also be available. So, feel free to ask in case of any ambiguity.

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